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Cati . Project . C
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Name: Iris de Wolf
[ Instagram: Catiworks ] [ Pintrest: Catiprojectc / Catiworks ] [ Tumblr: Catiprojectc ]

Sex: Female
Age: 25
Race: Human (albeit a bit whacky)
Sub race: Geeky Nerdess
Preferred arts: Mixed media, traditional/digital.
Likes: Making friends and meeting people with the same wacky interests as her. (Fantasy, Science Fiction, Cartoons, Manga, Anime, Comics, Gaming on pc/xbox360/ps3/ds3)
Dislikes: Spiders, horror, people who are unfair and back stabby.


.. what does one do when you really don't know what to do

Greetings Fellow Da'ers,

close I was to giving up again but I'm biting through. I won't abandon DA again but I have to say I feel deviant art has changed a lot. I want my art to be noticed but feel like I'm at the very bottom of the very deep art pit. I offer commissions but no one wants them and I make art but have no feedback to improve myself with. It's hard, I try to give it to other people and realise I give up soon cause, I give it to them but no one gives it to me. Which is bad cause then things are like a circle and... yada.. etc. :D enough. I just wanted to update this and show that I am acutally competing in a few contest. The second contest even has voting so if some people have time to spare and think my entry is awesome please vote!

Otherwise I have not much more to tell. You can look further ahead in the journal for more updates but here for now I'll say,

Sayonara, and till next time~

Current Art Affairs

Currently what I'm doing my best on is making sure I get the hang of my tablet, my tablet is a new addition to my artistic weaponry and I'm finding that I enjoy it a lot but still have a long way to go. Practice makes perfect after all.

Traditionally I've started to use markers more and more. a good friend managed to sell me hers second hand a year or two back and now I've used them so much they have run dry. Still I've gotten the taste and have to admit I adore them a lot and hope to get even better with them~


I promise this will come soon!


:iconcidiene: 'S OCS CONTEST !

   Subject: Draw one or more of her originals characters (with one of yours or not).

   Dead-Line: 13/09/2013 (FRIDAY 13 MEUHAHAHAtatataaam!)

   Medium: Drawing (trad' or digital). No base.

   Prizes: 1st: 2396 pts (one year premium's membership)/ 2nd: 636 pts (tree months)/ 3rd: 396 pts (one month) + some drawings, tricks and things (see my journal entry).

   Instructions and detail's contest:

       :eyes: Follow this nice and small link by clicking on! Zouuuu! :onfire:  

C R Y S T A L    A R E N A!!

This is Ilithean the Travelling Enchantress, my entry for Crystal Arena OC contest
For more information please visit my journal entry…

According to Norse myths, in the future events to come, the sun will burn black, gods will die, many other too and the earth will unleash her very mighty power all over-- hurricanes, tsunamis, blizzards, sandstorms, drought and one very big flood. And these terrible, horrible events is called Ragnarok.
   A now-developing game, Crystal Arena taps into this Norse myth. In this strategy game, you will play as a champion called upon by the gods to fight the most greatest terrifying thing ever: Ragnarok. lovely. Well, not to worry, you have a small army to command as well as some other fellow champions friends with their armies to help you. And if you would like to see some fellow champions before the game's release, please check out their Kickstater Page:…

And if you like to check out some potential fellow champions, please check out the Crystal Arena OC Contest:… where you may enter an original character at the rewards if he/she/it places top three, he/she/it will be developed into a playable hero in Crystal Arena, so feel free to enter. My contest entries are below and thanks to the people behind Crystal Arena for this contest.

Vote here for your favorite…

~ Ilithean by CatiProjectC

Ilithean chooses to fight int he army of odin, in a battle that is before her time, but in a battle that is all deciding for the future none the less. From the very future that she is from.

In her time, the battle of the Ragnarok did not go down well and evil took it's throne on the world. Midgard was badly attacked, and only few places remained in the hands of humans. In the biggest surviving capitol Whisteria, the city that wishes it could forget, she fought using her magic and enchantments to keep evil at bay and keep humanity alive. On one of her scouting trips she however fell through the weak flooring and into a dark basement, which upon being investigated seemed to have belong to another being of magic. In the dark a faint glow came from a book. The blue light drew her in, and upon a touch reacted to her. Binding itself to her wrist with a chain that can't be broken. The pages whispered a single word to her. "Nirdaduar." - Take me to where I can bring forth change...

After that she remembers waking up in a bright place, in the past. And as she traveled and talked to people she realised that Ragnarok was still yet to come. As warriors were called forth she stepped forth as well. For she was brought to a place where she could bring change. A change for the people she loved int he future. A better future. For she knew how dark and evil that future would be. Which makes her all the more motivated to fight, and to win.


: "What Ilithean can do"

           "Roulette Grimoire": The grimoire (the book) is a powerful item that Ilithean is still learning to use. She found out through tiral and error that it is not an item she can constantly use or use just the way she wants to. Not yet, she isn't ready yet. So instead of being able to go through the page, the grimoire will turn the pages on it's own stopping till it comes to a spell it deems fit for the situation (most of the time the best choice as well) Ilithean can chose to use it or not but either way the book closes for a certain period of time afterwards. (As she grows stronger the time in between is shorter) Other then that she can do magic and basic enchantments, because of this her strength is not all that high and her defense is only up high when she uses a spell to strenghten it. Her agility is straight on which allows her to move swift and nimble while firing her enchantments.

           The wooden sword acts like a want and can infact cut things, being an enchantress allows one to use certain illusion and tricks after all.


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